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Conference programme

Dear Sirs,

We would like to invite you to attend the 10th International Symposium on Mechanics of Materials and Structures.


  • fracture mechanics,
  • damage mechanics,
  • fatigue of materials and structures,
  • plasticity and creep,
  • inverse problems - identification of the damage,
  • mechanics of composites,
  • mechanics of advanced materials (SMART, gradient, nanomaterials),
  • contact mechanics, problem of surface layer,
  • termomechanics,
  • biomechanics, biomaterials, biocybernetics,
  • structural dynamics,
  • strength and safety of structures,
  • dynamic loading and impact,
  • waves and fracture in complex and lattice structures,
  • mechanics of processes,
  • micromechanics.

After revision, selected articles will be published in Acta Mechanica et Automatica.

Organizing Committee


Conference programme (386 KB)

Important dates

Sending the applications: February 28, 2019

Paper submission: March 31, 2019

Papers acceptance: April 15, 2019

Pate of payment: May 15, 2019

Conference programme: May 25, 2019



Announcement (177 KB)


The estimated cost of participation in the conference is 1800 PLN (420 EUR).

For members of Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics - 1700 PLN (400 EUR)

Cost for accompanying person is XXXX PLN (XXX EUR).


The fee for participants includes: accommodation, meals, ship trip, trip to Kaunas, captive balooning, banquet and conference materials.


Bank Account: Polskie Towarzystwo Mechaniki Teoretycznej i Stosowanej (PTMTS), oddział w Białymstoku
NIP: 526-17-23-674
Bank: SGB-Bank S.A. (Bank Spółdzielczy w Białymstoku)
Account no: PL21 8060 0004 0003 2405 2000 0010
Swift Code: GBWCPLPP
Title of payment: ISMMS2019


While making your conference payments, please note that

Abstracts and papers

The paper should be prepared in two forms. The first - two page abstract (one sheet) - will be included in conference proceedings. The second - with no page limit - will be published in .pdf format in electronic version. Detailed information about papers preparing can be find on our website.

After revision selected articles will be published in Acta Mechanica et Automatica.

The papers will be presented in oral and during poster sessions. Authors should declare a form of presentation: oral or poster session. Simultaneously, for plenary session, please specify the subject area - according to the numbers above. The Scientific Committee will make the final classification of the papers. One author (co-author) can present maximum two papers. Official language is English. In special cases Polish language can be accepted.

Declaration and paper in the electronic version should be send by e-mail    ismms[at] or using the web page Registration.



Paper Template (614 KB)

Conference venue

The symposium will be held in the holiday center Oficerski Yacht Club RP “Pacific” which is located by the White Lake in Augustow. The small peninsula underlines perfect scenery values of this place. The center, rimmed by old pine forest, near the Augustow Forest, is an oasis of silence and calm.
We hope this scenery will favourable work and rest during the conference.

During the symposium we would like to propose a bonfire, revel in rustic existence, a passenger ship trip along the Augustow Canal and surrounding lakes, captive ballooning, one-day trip to Kaunas and banquet.

Fig. Kaunas Castle

The Augustów Lake District attracts sailors with its peaceful and welcoming marinas adapted for yacht mooring and anchoring. Sailors can enjoy the lakes that are connected with each other by the Augustów Canal: Necko Lake (an area of 400 ha; max. depth. 25m), Rospuda Lake (an area of 104 ha; max. depth 10.5m), Białe Lake (an area of 476.6 ha; max. depth 30m) and Studzieniczne Lake (an area of 251 ha; max. depth 30.5m). The largest of the lakes is Sajno (an area of 522 ha; maximum depth 27m).

The Augustów Canal is a unique hydraulic engineering work, on a European scale, from the first half of the 19th century. It is a gem among the waterways of Europe. Canoeing along the Canal was one of the favorite pastimes of the Holy Father John Paul II.

Augustow Canal has 18 locks and 23 brick discounts, of which fourteen locks located within the Polish and nine with the original design of the nineteenth - century. It overcomes a total difference in levels equal to: 54.04 m.

We propose you a nice, evening boat cruise. From the deck of a boat, you can admire beauty of the lakes and surrounding nature.

Scientific committee

Prof. Zenon Mróz - chairman IFTR PAS - Warsaw
Prof. Jan Awrejcewicz Technical University of Lodz
Prof. Jerzy BajkowskiWarsaw University of Technology
Prof. Filippo BertoUniversity of Padova, Italy
Prof. Romuald BędzińskiUniversity of Zielona Gora
Prof. Tadeusz BurczyńskiIFTR PAS - Warsaw
Prof. Mykolas DaunysKaunas Univ. Tech., Lithuania
Prof. Artur GanczarskiCracow University of Technology
Prof. Grzegorz GlinkaUniversity of Waterloo, Canada
Prof. Krzysztof GołośWarsaw University of Technology
Prof. Witold GutkowskiIFTR PAS - Warsaw
Prof. Marek GzikSilesian Univ. Techn. - Zabrze
Prof. Jerzy KaletaWroclaw University of Technology
Prof. Wacław KasprzakWroclaw University of Technology
Prof. Mark KachanovTafts University, USA
Prof. Janusz KowalAGH Univ. Science Techn. - Cracow
Prof. Zbigniew L. KowalewskiIFTR PAS - Warsaw
Prof. Slava KrylovTel Aviv University, Israel
Prof. Tomasz KubiakTechnical University of Lodz
Prof. Krzysztof KurzydłowskiBialystok University of Technology
Prof. Volodymyr KushchBISM NASU, Kiev, Ukraine
Prof. Roman M. KushnirIAPMM NASU, Lviv, Ukraine
Prof. Mieczysław KuczmaPoznan University of Technology
Prof. Andrzej LitewkaPoznan University of Technology
Prof. Tadeusz ŁagodaOpole University of Technology
Prof. Tomasz ŁodygowskiPoznan University of Technology
Prof. Jerzy MałachowskiMilitary University of Technology
Prof. Stanisław MatysiakUniversity of Warsaw
Prof. Arkadiusz MężykSilesian Univ. Techn. - Gliwice
Prof. Gennady MishurisAberystwyth University, UK
Prof. Alexander MovchanUniversity of Liverpool, UK
Prof. Natasha MovchanUniversity of Liverpool, UK
Prof. Andrzej NeimitzKielce University of Technology
Prof. Tadeusz NiezgodaMilitary University of Technology
Prof. Wiesław OstachowiczIFFM PAS - Gdansk
Prof. Volodymyr PanasyukIPM NASU, Lviv, Ukraine
Prof. Ryszard ParkitnyCzestochowa University of Technology
Prof. Zbigniew PaterLublin University of Technology
Prof. Henryk PetrykIFTR PAS - Warsaw
Prof. Enrico RadiUniversity of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy
Prof. Bogdan SapińskiAGH Univ. Science Techn. - Cracow
Prof. Mykhailo SavrukIPM NASU, Lviv, Ukraine
Prof. Jerzy SawickiCleveland State University, USA
Prof. Norbert SczygiolCzestochowa University of Technology
Prof. Janusz SempruchUniv. Techn. Life Scienc. - Bydgoszcz
Prof. Andrzej SewerynBialystok University of Technology
Prof. Igor SevostianovNew Mexico State University, USA
Prof. Jarosław SępRzeszow University of Technology
Prof. Vadim SilberschmidtLoughborough University, UK
Prof. Błażej SkoczeńCracow University of Technology
Prof. Anatoly SviridenokRCRSP NASB, Grodno, Belarus
Prof. Leonid Slepyan Tel Aviv University, Israel
Prof. Feliks Stachowicz Rzeszow University of Technology
Prof. Józef SzalaUniv. Techn. Life Scienc. - Bydgoszcz
Prof. Gwidon SzeferCracow University of Technology
Prof. Tomasz WierzbickiMIT, Massachusetts, USA
Prof. Petro YasniyTernopil Ivan Pul'uj National Technical University, Ukraine
Prof. Jozef ZivčakTechnical University of Kosice

Organising committee

Prof. Andrzej Seweryn - chairman
PhD. Adam Tomczyk - secretary
DSc. Agnieszka Dardzińska-Głębocka
PhD. Jarosław Szusta
PhD. Łukasz Derpeński
PhD. Piotr Grześ
PhD. Anna Falkowska
MSc. Małgorzata Zdrodowska


The 10th International Symposium on Mechanics of Materials and Structures
Department of Mechanics and Applied Computer Science
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Bialystok University of Technology
45C Wiejska St.
15-351 Bialystok


 +48-85 746-92-04
 +48-797 990-774
 +48-85 746-92-10




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